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Festive 9 courses seasonal menu


$380 ++ per person

Lunch / Dinner

Christmas Eve 24/12/2021

Christmas Day 25/12/2021

New Year Eve 31/12/2021 

New Year 01/01/2022


Seasonal Hairy Crab Meats on Cauliflower Puree, Ratatouille, Diced Fennel and Celery Accompanied with Lobster Consommé Jelly and Topped with Oscietra Caviar




- Wakasagi -

Smelt Fish Deep-Fried with Rock Seaweed Tempura Flour

- Saba -

Torched Seasonal Mackerel with a Dash of Garlic Oil on Homemade Brioche and Sliced Fresh Tomato

- Kaki -

Slow-Cooked Sakoshi Bay Oyster with Champagne Vinegar, Herbs Oil and Diced Shallots Coated with Oyster Juice Gelatin


Wagyu Sukiyaki

Wagyu Sirloin in Sukiyaki Sauce Served with Soft Boiled Japanese Egg and Seasonal Vegetable Garnished with Sansho Leaf


Awabi Somen 

Cold Somen Tossed with Homemade Abalone Liver and Rock Seaweed Sauce Topped with Sliced Braised Abalone and Sea Urchin


Shirako Tempura

Deep-Fried Cod Milt  with Homemade White Balsamic Sauce Topped with Shaved Black Truffle


Fugu Bouillabaisse

Steamed Lobster and Seasonal Pufferfish Served with Crispy Sizzling Rice in Homemade Bouillabaisse


Sumiyaki Hato

Charcoal-Grilled Special Selected Pigeon Served with Seasonal Fried Burdock, Lily Bulb Puree and Natural Beef Jus Topped with Black Truffle


Kani Donabe Gohan

Chef’s Signature Claypot Rice with Snow Crab, Salmon Roe Served with Homemade Crab Miso Sauce and Mitsuba Leaves

Choice of Dessert

Homemade Soy Milk Mochi and Strawberry Spherification in Chrysanthemum Syrup Garnished with a Dash of Lemon Oil


Sponge Cake in Espresso Syrup with a Scoop of Chocolate Ice Cream, Sake Raisins, Awamori Sabayon Mousse Topped with Cocoa Powder and Yogurt Chips

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