Summer Menu 

Please kindly take note that the menu might be changed without prior notice.


Kuri Gani 栗蟹

Lightly Poached Japanese Seasonal Tomato Stuffed with Helmet Crab Meats, Diced Fennel and Celery Accompanied with Rausu Kombu Jelly and Topped with Oscietra Caviar

Hassun  八寸

玉蜀黍 Toumorokoshi

Japanese Sweet Corn on Homemade Corn Bread Topped with Sour Cream and  ‘Bafun Uni’ Sea Urchin

牡蠣 Kaki

Slow-Cooked Sakoshi Bay Oyster with Champagne Vinegar, Paprika Oil and Diced Shallots Coated with Oyster’s Juice Gelatin

稚鮎 Ayu

Deep-Fried Young Sweet Fish Wrapped with Kadaif Noodles Served with Spicy Mayonnaise Sauce

Shimaaji 縞鯵

Sliced White Trevally Smoked with Applewood Served with Chef’s Special Sauce Consists of Eggplant, Cashew Nuts, White Bean Paste and Sherry Vinegar

Awabi 鮑

Sliced Steamed Abalone  Over a Bed of Winter Melon Cooked with ‘Katsuo’ – Bonito Dashi

Anago Ee Mushi 穴子飯蒸し

Steamed Sea Eel on Japanese Rice Wrapped in Bamboo Leave Served with Shansho Pepper and Homemade Sauce

Bouillabaisse Ise Ebi 伊勢海老

Steamed Lobster and Seasonal ‘Ainame’ - Fat Greenling with Crispy Sizzling Rice in ‘Bouillabaisse’

Sumiyaki Wagyu 和牛炭焼き

Charcoal-Grilled Special Selected Wagyu Ribeye Served with Seasonal Sweet Pepper, Pearl Onions, and Natural Beef Jus

Choice of Dessert 甘味

Hakuto 白桃

Seasonal Peach with Homemade Sherbet and Merengue Topped with ‘Gyokuro’ Green Tea Powder


芒果 Mango

Young Ginger Mousse on Spouge Cake in Dark Chocolate Cylinder Topped with Chocolate Ganache Served with Homemade Brown Rice Ice Cream

*Please kindly take note;

The photos shown here are samples only.

The ingredients might be varied.

*Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions when you make a reservation.