Omakase Spring Menu

Please kindly take note that the menu might be changed without prior notice.

Hokkigai 北寄貝

Japanese Yam Mousse Coated with Beef Consommé Gelatin Topped with Japanese Surf Clam and Oscietra Caviar, Garnished with Perilla ‘Shiso’ Flower

Hassun  八寸

Sakura Trout

Smoked Sakura Trout in Filo Pastry Topped with Salmon Roe ‘Ikura’ and Homemade Radish Pickles ‘Sakura Daikon’

Noble Scallop

Deep-Fried Noble Scallop Coated with Rice Crumble Accompanied with Clam Juice Foam Infused with Saffron

Sea Urchin

Toasted Bread  with Butterbur Scape Bean Paste ‘Fukimiso ’ Topped with Seasonal Sea Urchin ‘Bafun Uni’

Sukiyaki すき焼き

‘Sukiyaki’ Beef Served with Soft Boiled Japanese Egg Topped with Japanese Wild Vegetables and Garnished with ‘Sansho’ Leaf

Chawanmushi 茶碗蒸し

Steamed Egg Custard Topped with Seasonal Sakura Shrimps and a Dash of Lemon Oil 


Combination of Pan-Seared Abalone with Abalone’s Liver Sauce and Charcoal Grilled Hokkaido Asparagus

Amadai Urokoyaki 甘鯛鱗焼き

Lightly Fried Seasonal Tilefish with Scales Accompanied with Chef’s Special Japanese Clam Dashi and Rock’s Seaweed

Sumiyaki Wagyu 和牛炭焼き

Charcoal Grilled Special Selected Wagyu Tenderloin Served with Japanese Wild Vegetable, Potato Puree and Beef Jus

Choice of Dessert 甘味


Fresh Strawberry Accompanied with Merengue crumbled with a Scoop of Mugwort Ice Cream and ‘Sansho Pepper’ Mousse Topped with Strawberry Chocolate


Setoka Orange

Seasonal ‘Setoka’ Orange with a Scoop of Orange Ice Cream and Ricotta Cheese Foam, Topped with Perilla ‘Shiso’ Sherbet and Olive Oil

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